Video: Moose Wrench – Don’t Let Me Down

Leeds-based experimental rockers Moose Wrench have been appearing on our blog since June this year, and most recently we shared their unique take on the Ting Tings’ classic Not My Name. Now they’re back with a new maximalist track and video. It’s called Don’t Let Me Down.

By Graeme Smith

Opening with a stuttering drum arrangement, Don’t Let Me Down instantly feels like something a little different. Keys come in and out, as do distorted guitars, before finally characterful vocals join the party. There’s just something so bizarre and innovative about the arrangement that is absolutely captivating. I’m not sure there’s anyone out there doing what Moose Wrench are doing, and the fact that they’re local to us is just the icing on the cake.

Don’t Let Me Down is the final single release from Moose Wrench’s upcoming album Not Dead Yet. It was recorded at Greenmount Studio, Leeds. You can give its AI-generated video a watch below.

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