Album Review: Luna Keller – Prophecies and Silver Linings

Luna Keller is a Cologne, Germany-based acoustic folk singer songwriter who we’ve been enjoying the music of since the end of 2020 when Jane shared her track Prophecy. The release of that single, plus all the ones to come since have culminated in her debut album Prophecies and Silver Linings. When I saw she had released it, I knew I had to give it a listen.

By Graeme Smith

Feature Photo by Grace Bontoft

The album starts with the laidback groove of High Low High Low. Much like its subject matter, it’s a track of mixed mood. A bright guitar melody is tinged with moments of sadness. Luna’s expressive vocals are bold but with a touch of melancholy. It sets the tone for the album, expect authentic emotion from hereon in.

Track two is the delicate No Man’s Land. Luna wrote all the music on this album between the ages of fourteen and twenty and there’s an incredible sense of maturity around her lyrics. You get a sense that she’s had to do a lot of growing up during those years, and the music has helped her process it all, and that comes through strongly in the raw emotion of No Man’s Land.

It’s followed by Lost, one of the tracks on the album that hasn’t been previously released as a single and was written in the wake of having to make a big life decision at fifteen years old. Despite its weighty topic, it’s got a breeziness to it, with highlights of piano intermingling with gentle guitar and percussion. An unexpected, vaudevillian breakdown showcases Luna’s range and rounds off the first part of the album wonderfully.

I’ll Bring You Home introduces elements of country to Luna’s sound, with a driving guitar melody and a powerful message of hope. Then comes Prophecy, an introspective counterpoint, infused with vulnerability and imagery. Shine In Your Eyes is a love song, written when Luna was full of longing for a distant boyfriend, told against a soaring folk pop arrangement.

Track seven is Let Me Go Now. Again, Luna deploys contrast beautifully here, telling a tale of love gone cold, beautifully realised through a textured arrangement of percussion, piano, strings and electronic overtones. It pushes her sound and as a result is a real album highlight.

Shadows On The Wall comes next, the first song of Luna’s I had the pleasure of reviewing last autumn. A deeply personal track, it sits well among the rest of her autobiographical story from the past six years. Its heaviness is followed perfectly by the reluctant brightness of A Ray of Light, which opens with mournful strings but builds in confidence as it progresses.

The album’s penultimate track is Wanderer, another single I’ve previously featured. It’s a fantastic way to round of the album’s story, looking back on the physical movement of Luna’s late teens which saw her spend time in Ireland, Germany and her native Tenerife. Then there’s just enough time for a bonus acoustic version of High Low High Low.

Prophecies and Silver Linings is an enchanting collection from a young artist who has a natural flair for song writing. It’s a definite listen for fans of folk and country, and lovers of humanity in general. I’ll certainly be rooting for Luna as her career progresses. You can listen to the whole album below.