EP Review: Slow Down Sonic – Depths

Slow Down Sonic are a Launceston, Australia-based pop-punk trio consisting of Alex Wadley on bass and vocals, Alex Britton on guitar and Daim Shelton on drums. The two Alexes are life-long friends who later recruited Daim to form the sound you can hear on their new EP Depths.

By Graeme Smith

Feature photo by AGS Photos

In many ways, Depths is your classic pop-punk record. Lively drums meet layers of bass and guitar. Rock elements meet emotional vocals. If that’s your bag, you’re going to find a lot to love in this EP. Opening track Searching sets the scene. The verses are full of a sense of regret, longing and paranoia which are all released in a soaring, cathartic chorus.

Coffee comes next. It opens stripped-back, with a classic guitar riff and isolated vocals. The lyrics paint an emotive, self-aware story. Again, Slow Down Sonic save the best for the chorus. Explosive, optimistic, it makes you want to thrust your index finger into the air and sing along. A mid-track breakdown adds a wonderful sense of texture.

Salt And The Spray, a ballad about missing love and the call of pleasure to escape pain. It’s bright and upbeat, sitting at the pop end of Slow Down’s Sonic musical spectrum. It’s definitely an EP highlight.

Previously released single For You is a slower track. There’s a sense of vulnerability in the vocal delivery, matched by a gentle drums and echoing guitar. It’s a song that wears its heart on its sleeve. The bass hits nicely in the chorus, and touches of keys provide brighter notes. Just when you get used to its easy pace, things kick up and the track canters towards a punchy finish.

The final track is Wasted. It’s a bombastic piece of punk rock akin to the likes of Incubus and Blink-182. It ends the EP on a bittersweet note, with one eye on a better future but the other looking over its shoulder at past sorrow. A noodling, screaming finale removes any doubt, and creates a moment that lingers well after the last note is played.

Depths is a tremendous collection from a band who’s only recently formed. It’s coherent, wears its influences well and adds something to the punk rock genre. Slow Down Sonic have a sound that can fill stadiums and on this evidence, one day they will be. You can check out the whole EP below.