EP Review: Region – Wake Up Call

There have been claims recently that rock (and particularly guitar music) is dead, but if Region are anything to contend with, then those claims are utterly false! Their music sounds like the indie rock music that became oh so popular in the 2000s, with their latest EP, Wake Up Call, showcasing their sound well.

By Jane Howkins

The first song is Intro, which is as the tin says, an intro song. It features some backing effects and spoken word vocals, sounding very intriguing. Opening the EP properly with a bang is Love You For This, which starts out with a simple electric guitar melody underpinning the vocals, raising the tension slightly until the song proper kicks in with the rest of the band. The upbeat tempo keeps the energy high, with this being perhaps the catchiest song on Wake Up Call, although it still rocks hard! A fantastic mini breakdown occurs towards the end, culminating in an epic guitar solo.

Mr Unknown has an eerie quality as it progresses, with little guitar and basslines working well with the rhythm on the verses to enhance the creepy atmosphere. A brief interlude appears that features a nice guitar melody, before the verses kick in again. The final verse is even bigger, raising the tension once again, making this my favourite song on the EP.

Can’t Pretend takes the tempo down a little on this acoustic number. The main guitar melody is quite simple but it sounds really beautiful, which is a testament to Region’s musical skills. Percussion in the form of a maraca is added on the chorus, continuing on through the rest of the track. The vocals have a raw quality, but that only helps to make the song sound even more beautiful, having an affective feel to it.

In Your Eyes is another solid track, sounding almost punky at times, due to the main riff that opens the song up. The vocals are spat out in a frenzy, having an urgency to them that suits the garage rock stylings of the music. It’s quite an interesting song from a rhythmic perspective, especially on the verses, although the choruses do build things up even more.

Next up is a short interlude (Interlude), showcasing a little of the band playing around in the studio. Lost In London, which is a traditional indie rock banger full of jangly guitars and a rock and roll attitude that is ironically missing in a lot of rock music nowadays. There’s a real sense of reality and genuineness present in the song, particularly in the lyrics and the way the vocals are performed. The throbbing beat will have you tapping your toes along in no time.

Region are a fantastic indie rock band and one that I hope will manage to bring guitar music back to the masses. Don’t miss out on the next big thing and check out Wake Up Call now!

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