Discovery: Evi Bosman

Evi Bosman is an indie folk artist based in Rotterdam, The Netherlands who is inspired by the likes of Adrianne Lenker and Phoebe Bridgers. She has hit my radar through her gentle ode to her brother, who sadly passed in a car accident. It’s called Remind Me.

By Graeme Smith

Feature photo by Satellite June

With folk leanings, Remind Me is made up of delicately picked acoustic guitar, strings and Evi’s captivating vocals. It’s a deeply personal song – you can tell from Evi’s delivery – and she spares no visceral detail in her grief. Yet, through the pain, there is something uplifting about it. Through it all, Evi is finding a way to live on after her tragedy and it’s beautiful to hear.

Evi deserves the plaudits that she’s getting online, and she’s doing her inspirations proud while finding her own voice. Watch out for her. You can listen to Remind Me below.

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