Discovery: Hayley Reardon

Hayley Reardon is an American singer songwriter who has just come to my attention thanks to her new track that explores the idea of embracing simplicity. It’s called Enough Is Everything.

By Graeme Smith

Enough Is Everything has a gentle, meditative feel about it. Acoustic guitar sets the scene before Hayley’s captivating vocals come in. They deliver lyrics that are full of emotion and storytelling. Appropriately given its message, Enough Is Everything is a simple song, but there’s a lot of power in its simplicity. It’s mesmerising.

Hayley has been creating music since the age of fifteen and has a career that now spans a decade. She recorded both her previous EP In The Good Light and her new one Changes in Barcelona, Spain last year, collaborating with Spanish guitarist Pau Figueres as producer. Enough Is Everything is the final track on Changes, which is also out now. You can listen to the single below.