New Music: Onism E – I’m Sorry

Onism E are a New York City, USA-based indie rock band who have featured on this blog once before. At the end of last year, they made it into Jane’s Singing The Blues round up with their track It’s Not Over. She was so taken with them, she even posed them some questions in a Q&A. Now they’re back thanks to their latest single I’m Sorry.

By Graeme Smith

I’m Sorry is a classic rock track that’s all about throwing regret to the wind. Frontwoman Eline Chavez’s voice is the focal point around which a lively arrangement grows. Some early organ gives it an ecclesiastical feel while we get some more earthly influences such as Patti Smith, Janis Joplin and Bruce Springsteen. A cathartic, heart-awakening climax will bring light to the darkest of days.

I’m Sorry features Joey Stuckey on guitar. You can give it a listen below.

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